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  • Christmas in the Crosshairs: Two Thousand Years of Denouncing and Defending the World's Most Celebrated Holiday
    Views : 199
    Pages : 312

    by: Gerry Bowler

    Publisher: pOxford University Press

    Book Description

    Is there a war on Christmas? Yes, and there always has been.

    Canadian historian Bowler (Santa Claus: A Biography, 2005, etc.) takes a seemingly modern topic—the vilification of Christmas—and shows it to have a centuries-old hi ... more

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    ISBN-10: 0190499001

    ISBN-13: 9780190499006

    Language: English

  • Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower: Finding Answers in Jesus for Those Who Don't Believe
    Views : 231
    Pages : 256

    by: Tom Krattenmaker

    Publisher: pConvergent Books

    Book Description

    How to follow Jesus without believing in him.

    USA Today columnist Krattenmaker (The Evangelicals You Don't Know: Introducing the Next Generation of Christians, 2013, etc.), the communications director at Yale Divinity, sti ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1101906421

    ISBN-13: 9781101906422

    Language: English

  • Tiny Tim and The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge: The sequel to A Christmas Carol (Illustrated with music)
    Views : 307
    Pages : 98

    by: Norman Whaler

    Publisher: pTate Publishing & Enterprises

    Book Description

    A debut novella and sequel to A Christmas Carol explores the adult life of Tiny Tim.

    In 1857 in London, it’s a week before Christmas and former curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge has died. In Charles Dickens’ 18 ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1682542920

    ISBN-13: 9781682542927

    Language: English

  • The Dilemma of Being Chosen
    Views : 133
    Pages : 186

    by: M.C. Van Rensburg

    Publisher: pAuthorHouseUK

    Book Description

    A debut book explores God’s process of choosing people to participate in his plan.

    Van Rensburg examines a subject that is not often covered in depth either by scholars or popular religion writers—the concept of being chosen. Men ... more

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    ISBN-10: 150498840X

    ISBN-13: 9781504988407

    Language: English

  • Releasing end time power.: Bible prophecies as it relates to the end times.
    Views : 334
    Pages : 98

    by: Renardo T. Newton

    Publisher: pCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    Book Description

    A debut book about claiming the power of Pentecost for the church of today.

    Newton challenges fellow Christians to use the power of the Holy Spirit, gifted to the church at Pentecost, in order to prepare for “spiritual battle”; at ... more

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    ISBN-10: 151751469X

    ISBN-13: 9781517514693

    Language: English

  • Jesus Delayed
    Views : 227
    Pages : 282

    by: J.E. Gulbrandsen

    Publisher: pFriesenPress

    Book Description

    A radical reinterpretation of the Bible and the core of mainstream Evangelical theology.

    At the heart of Evangelical thought today is its view about the final coming of Jesus. The generally accepted interpretation of it is known as ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1460291123

    ISBN-13: 9781460291122

    Language: English

  • The Invisible Bestseller: Searching for the Bible in America
    Views : 88
    Pages : 255

    by: Kenneth A. Briggs

    Publisher: pEerdmans

    Book Description

    How the Bible continues a downward slide in use and comprehension in both society and the church.

    Former Newsday and New York Times religion editor Briggs (Double Crossed: Uncovering the Catholic Church’s Betrayal of Am ... more

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    ISBN-10: 0802869130

    ISBN-13: 9780802869135

    Language: English