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  • Ultimate Guide For Type 2 Diabetes Reversal  Deluxe Edition
    Views : 87
    Pages : 138

    by: Mimi Chan Cheng Ruan Mimi Chan

    Publisher: pCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    Book Description

    ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1539142019

    ISBN-13: 9781539142010

    Language: English

  • Eight Flavors: The Untold Story of American Cuisine
    Views : 144
    Pages : 304

    by: Sarah Lohman

    Publisher: pSimon & Schuster

    Book Description

    This unique culinary history of America offers a fascinating look at our past and uses long-forgotten recipes to explain how eight flavors changed how we eat.

    The United States boasts a culturally and ethnically diverse population which makes ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1476753954

    ISBN-13: 9781476753959

    Language: English

  • The Essential Oyster: A Salty Appreciation of Taste and Temptation
    Views : 39
    Pages : 304

    by: Rowan Jacobsen David Malosh

    Publisher: pBloomsbury USA

    Book Description

    A decade ago, Rowan Jacobsen wrote a book called A Geography of Oysters that celebrated the romance of oysters, the primal rush of slurping a raw denizen of the sea, and the mysteries of molluscan terroir. The book struck a chord, and Ameri ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1632862565

    ISBN-13: 9781632862563

    Language: English

  • Food City: Four Centuries of Food-Making in New York
    Views : 147
    Pages : 480

    by: Joy Santlofer

    Publisher: pW. W. Norton & Company

    Book Description

    From the breweries of New Amsterdam to Brooklyn’s Sweet’n Low, a vibrant account of four centuries of food production in New York City.

    New York is hailed as one of the world’s “food capitals,” but the history of foo ... more

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    ISBN-10: 0393076393

    ISBN-13: 9780393076394

    Language: English

  • Generation Chef: Risking It All for a New American Dream
    Views : 51
    Pages : 320

    by: Karen Stabiner

    Publisher: pAvery

    Book Description

    Inside what life is really like for the new generation of professional cooks—a captivating tale of the make-or-break first year at a young chef’s new restaurant.
    For many young people, being a chef is as compelling ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1583335803

    ISBN-13: 9781583335802

    Language: English

  • Ten Restaurants That Changed America
    Views : 170
    Pages : 560

    by: Paul Freedman

    Publisher: pLiveright

    Book Description

    From Delmonico’s to Sylvia’s to Chez Panisse, a daring and original history of dining out in America as told through ten legendary restaurants.

    Combining a historian’s rigor with a foodie ’s palate, Ten Restaurants ... more

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    ISBN-10: 0871406802

    ISBN-13: 9780871406804

    Language: English

  • A Square Meal: A Culinary History of the Great Depression
    Views : 359
    Pages : 336

    by: Andrew Coe Jane Ziegelman

    Publisher: pHarper

    Book Description

    From the author of the acclaimed 97 Orchard and her husband, a culinary historian, an in-depth exploration of the greatest food crisis the nation has ever faced—the Great Depression—and how it transformed America’s culinary culture. ... more

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    ISBN-10: 0062216414

    ISBN-13: 9780062216410

    Language: English